The Montréal Riichi Club is proud to announce the Montréal Riichi Open! This tournament will take place on Saturday and Sunday, June 10-11, 2023! To register for the tournament, please fill this form.

The entry price still needs to be confirmed.

The information below (in the next few pages) is not up to date yet. It will be updated over the next few months.

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To be confirmed
Venue to confirm

How to Get There

Directions to confirm


You will have to take care of your own lodging. We recommend using your favourite homestay network for the weekend.

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  1. Rulings for the Riichi Montréal Open 2023 will be aligned with the WRC. Please consult this link for the WRC rules. Note that the rules got some slight changes recently.
  2. There will be four (4) games held on Saturday June 10, two (2) in the morning and two (2) in the afternoon. Exact schedule during the day is still subject to further change by the Club.
  3. There will be four (4) games held on Sunday June 11, two (2) in the morning and two (2) in the afternoon. Exact schedule during the day is still subject to further change by the Club.
  4. The last two (2) games on Sunday June 11 are final games. Trophies or medals will be given to the eight (8) finalists. Please note that there is no semi-final, the final will be played over two hanchans.
  5. We expect good will and fair sportsmanship from all attendees, be they players or staff. Once a game is finished, we ask players to give their final scores in a timely fashion, and respect those that are still playing by leaving the room quietly.


Lunch, snacks, coffee and tea on both days of the tournament are offered free of charge by the Club! All players are invited to participate and engage with other attendees during lunchtime.


Trophies and medals will be awarded to the top performers.

These prizes will not exceed a total value of CAD 100, as per laws set by the Government of Quebec and the Régie des alcools, des courses, et des jeux du Québec.


The rankings will be posted online to the riichiout tournament page when they will be available. We will also try to provide updates to the page after each hanchan.

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How do I get there?

Please check venue informations. That page has everything you need to know on how to subscribe to the tournament, how to get there, get schedules, etc.

What will we eat? (I’m allergic!)

Lunchtime is managed by the Club Riichi de Montréal. Lunches and snacks are included in the subscription price. Snacks (sandwiches, cookies, chips) and drinks (water, soda pops, iced tea) are unlimited free of charge during the tournament. WARNING! IF YOU ARE SUBJECT TO ANY KIND OF ALLERGIES, ADVISE US DURING THE SUBSCRIPTION PROCESS! We will take care, up to our abilities, of any requirements you may have regarding lunches and foodstuff. You are expected to carry your own emergency products (eg. “Epipen”), and have it on yourself, from the beginning up until the end of the tournament. Club Riichi de Montréal rescinds itself from any responsibility regarding omission, loss, or theft, or any similar circumstances of the aforementioned products.

Note that if you’d like to bring your own food instead, there are microwave ovens on-premise if you wish to use them. If you’re in that case, please contact the organizers ahead of the tournament. We can offer you a small discount for that.

I haven’t totally paid my subscription. Are there any issues?

You must have paid all subscription fees before June 10. If you haven’t paid everything, but can do so before the first game, you can do so at the door. We accept late payments one (1) hour before the first game. Please note that this kind of transaction is cash only (no credit, no debit, no online payment, no cheques). All payments will be done with at least two (2) staff members as witness.

If you can’t pay all fees, the Club Riichi de Montréal will refuse your subscription. In case of partial payment, Club Riichi de Montréal will reimburse you by the amount you already paid. This does not cover any accomodation or transportation fees.

Complete refunds are only made in the following cases: a late registrant is not able to participate due to numbers, or a player who has been approved to withdraw by tournament staff.

Should a player not be able to participate and know in advance, their registration fees can be transferred to a replacement player before the end of the registration period (June 10).

I have a friend / family / other without subscription. Can they be a spectator?

Sadly, no one besides staff, umpires and subscribed players can be in the tournament location during the event. This is to avoid cheating and distract players. Furthermore, this year, we need to juggle with sanitary rules, so the fewer we are, the better.

Where do I sit?

Staff committee will have planned seating for all players, for all games, before the tournament. Before the first game, you will need to present yourself at the reception table. This will let you get your official tournament badge. Please do not lose it, as it has a number that will identify you during the game.

What to do in case of cheating?

If you have founded suspicions that a player is cheating, raise your hand and ask for an umpire immediately, even if it happens in the middle of a game. Official staff will resolve any conflict.

WARNING! If, for any reason or another, you make any false accusation regarding cheating, official staff owns the right of expulsing you from the current game up to and until tournament’s end. You will lose your ranking and cumulated points. You will not be allowed to communicate with any other player. You will not be reimbursed subscription fees.

What do I do when a game is done?

Each player has a right to respect and silence during the tournament. In order to help them remain concentrated, please remain seated and talk in a low voice when announcing your points to the umpire. When tallying is done, get up and get out of the tournament room. Only then you can debate who had the most bestest hand in the last game.

If my score drops below zero, do I stop playing?

No. A game ends after last oya in the south round loses, or time is up. A special negative twenty thousand (20’000) point stick is available for exchanging with another player. When tallying, umpires will note the absence of this stick and deduce the correct amount from your final points.

Montréal is nice this time of year. Can I visit?

It is your responsibility to plan for anything concerning accomodation, food, tickets, transportation, etc. The Club Riichi de Montréal is not responsible for any issue you may encounter during your trip outside of the tournament hours.

But! Please send us any enquiry about interesting sights or events and good places to attend to. Montréal is a nice city, and it will be our pleasure to let you discover it to its fullest.

Pourquoi le site est-il unilingue anglophone?

Malheureusement, on n’a pas encore trouvé comment intégrer des traductions dans WordPress. C’est du travail supplémentaire qui a toujours été repoussé de notre côté. Nous avons choisi de donner la priorité au texte anglophone, car nous avons plus de visiteurs unilingues anglophones sur le site que de visiteurs unilingues francophones. Ne vous inquiétez pas, les règles du tournoi seront données dans les deux langues (français/anglais) sur demande durant le tournoi.

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Participant List

Note that the participant list is restricted to 64 participants this year. If you don’t make it into the first 64, you will join the waitlist.

The following people have registered for the 8th Montréal Riichi Open :

Name Country

Your staff team for this tournament will be :
Alexandre Boily
Anne Rinfret
Grant M
Loïc Roberge
Philippe O
Shan K

Refreshing the list is not automatic so it might take a while before your name appears.

Results for previous tournaments are available here :

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Results for the 2nd Montréal Riichi Open are not available.

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To subscribe to the tournament, or for any enquiries, comments, questions and precisions, please fill in the form below.

SUBSCRIPTION MUST BE MADE BEFORE JUNE 9 AT THE LATEST! Subscription closes a few days before the tournament takes place. Simply filling this form with your name and email is enough to subscribe. Please note that by subscribing, you agree to have your name appearing in the participant list. If you would prefer your last name not to be displayed in full, please tell us in the comments box below. (We will list names as John Doe by default, but we can shorten it to John D.)

The fee to enter the tournament is as follows:
$80 CAD.

You can use either this contact form : https://forms.gle/NFdksjPmUpmqKTpN8 or the one below, both are valid for pre-registration.

You can contact us on Facebook or Discord!