We’re going online this year! Join our Discord server in case you haven’t already!

We are proud to announce that the Montréal Riichi Open will be held online on October 3 and 4, 2020. Prepare your mouse and keyboard, there will be a lot of clicking involved! Please subscribe on this form for the Montréal Riichi Open Registration!

We will meet on the Tournoi de Riichi de Montréal Discord server directly.

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  1. The rules used in the Riichi Montréal Open 2020 will be as close as possible to the WRC rules as permitted by Mahjong Soul tournament lobbies. See the #règles-rules channel on the Discord server for the complete list.
  2. The participants are expected to check in on both Saturday and Sunday on the tournament Discord server at the following time :
    12:00 (noon) Eastern Daylight Time;
    09:00 Pacific Time;
    18:00 Central European Time;
    03:00 Australia Eastern Daylight Time (it starts on October 4, on the first day of the tournament!)
    The games are expected to start one hour later.
  3. The tournament structure will be a staggered elimination model. Every two hanchans, there will be a round of eliminations. The ratios are as followed :
    1. After 2 hanchans : To be determined
    2. After 4 hanchans : To be determined
    3. After 6 hanchans (end of day 1) : To be determined
    4. After 8 hanchans : top 8 (semi-finals)
    5. After 10 hanchans : top 4 (finals)
  4. The scores will be halved for the remaining participants after the end of day 1.
  5. The last two (2) games on Sunday October 4 are final games. The scores for the finalists will be reset going into these final games.
  6. We expect good will and fair sportsmanship from all attendees, be they players or staff. Once a game is finished, we ask players to give their final scores in a timely fashion, and respect those that are still playing by joining the general voice chat lobby.

Etiquette rules

  • Respect the other players at every moment during the tournament
  • Swimsuit outfits (Beach Party series) are banned for this tournament. Use of one in a game will result in an automatic DQ. You can use the other outfits.
  • When streaming, use at least a 5 minute delay
  • Outside or tool-assisted help is forbidden. You are only allowed to use a yaku sheet and a points table.
  • When beginning a match, you commit to playing it through completion. Rage-quitting is not allowed and will result in a DQ.
  • You can use emotes, but do not delay the game unnecessarily.

Failure to respect the etiquette rules can lead to sanctions ranging from a warning to a DQ, to a ban from Montréal events.


The Montréal Riichi Open will include these prices, courtesy of Mahjong Soul, Yostar Games and Catfood Studio :
1st : 3 Summon Scrolls + 25,000 Coppers
2nd : 10,000 Coppers
3rd : 7,000 Coppers
4th : 5,000 Coppers


The rankings will be posted online to the riichiout tournament page when they will be available. We will also try to provide updates to the page after each hanchan.

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How do I get there?

Here is the link to the Tournoi de Riichi de Montréal Discord server. The tournament will be coordinated on that server. We will use it to synchronize all the activities and make our announcements.

I have a friend / family / other without subscription. Can they be a spectator?

For the first time this year, yes, we can have spectators for the tournament! You will be able to follow this stream in French : https://www.twitch.tv/riichisantana and this one in English : https://www.twitch.tv/tipzntrix.

Furthermore, all players will be allowed to stream their games, provided they have at least a 5 min delay. Stream sniping is forbidden and might result in a DQ.

What to do in case of cheating?

If you have founded suspicions that a player is cheating, please DM a staff member immediately, even if it happens in the middle of a game. Official staff will resolve any conflict.

WARNING! If, for any reason or another, you make any false accusation regarding cheating, official staff owns the right of DQing you from the tournament. You will lose your ranking and cumulated points.

What do I do when a game is done?

After your game is done, you are encouraged to go see the other games on the official streams. If you’re not interested, no worries : just sit back and relax. A ready call will be issued a few minutes before the beginning of the next hanchan.

If my score drops below zero, do I stop playing?

No. A game ends after last oya in the south round loses.

Pourquoi le site est-il unilingue anglophone?

Malheureusement, on n’a pas encore trouvé comment intégrer des traductions dans WordPress. C’est du travail supplémentaire qui a toujours été repoussé de notre côté. Nous avons choisi de donner la priorité au texte anglophone, car nous avons plus de visiteurs unilingues anglophones sur le site que de visiteurs unilingues francophones. Ne vous inquiétez pas, les règles du tournoi seront données dans les deux langues (français/anglais) sur le serveur Discord et sur demande durant le tournoi.

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Participant List

The following people have registered for the 6th Montréal Riichi Open :

Name Country
Aaron Ebejer United States
Ada H United States
Aldwin Gordula United States
Alex C United Kingdom
Alex W United States
Alexandre D France
Andre C United States
Anthony H United States
Arnaud Prieu France
Artem T Russia
Aurélien R France
Ben W United States
Benny F Canada
Bichen Wang United States
Brian Tseng United States
Carlos O Mexico
Cederic Pare Canada
Claire Pozniak United States
Claudel B Canada
David T United States
Derrick K Canada
Edwin D United States
Élodie H Canada
Elowan A France
Erich R United States
Gavin Vu Thacher United States
Gilberto Akira Kobayashi Brazil
Gorona Canada
Guillaume A France
Hawnlay S United States
Hoang-Long Vu United States
Hughie C Canada
Hugo Fourmage France
Jake A United Kingdom
Jake S United States
Jeanne H France
Julian S Australia
Julien B Canada
Juno Canada
Kazutoyo N United States
Kinyan Lui United States
Kyle C United States
Léa N France
Lil Makotz Japan
Luke Morgan United States
Maati Raissi France
Mark B United Kingdom
Mark T United States
Martin Benedicto Philippines
Matthieu Fontaine France
Max Suddendorf United States
Michael H Canada
Michael McLeod United States
Miguel C Canada
Miguel C Portugal
Nathanael K United States
Nick G United States
Nick R United States
Oliver K Switzerland
Oliver N United States
Philippe O Canada
Pio Y United States
Rachel Halperin United States
Ryan Adams United States
San N France
Sarah Allen United States
Sebastien Bouchard Canada
Shannon G United States
Simon C United Kingdom
Stanley Deng United States
Stéphane Commans France
Steven Smith United States
Tian United States
Timo H Netherlands
TJ C United States
Travis Grady United States
Tsubasa Yamaneko Canada
Valentina T Russia
Victor Lagardere France
Vince Cordera United States
Vinnie Emilianowicz United States
Vladislav Chizh Russia
Warren F Canada
Wasson An United States
William D United Kingdom
Yasten Canada
Yudong Li Canada
Zach W United States

Your staff team for this tournament will be :

Airi Morganite
Anne R
Chase B
Jeremy Lyn
Joseph McGowan
Loïc Roberge
Lorenzo Desrosiers
Matthew Rappaport
Shan K

Results for previous tournaments are available here :

NARO 1 (1st Montréal Riichi Open)
3rd Montréal Riichi Open
4th Montréal Riichi Open
5th Montréal Riichi Open

Results for the 2nd Montréal Riichi Open are not available.

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To subscribe to the tournament, or for any enquiries, comments, questions and precisions, please fill in the form below.

SUBSCRIPTION MUST BE MADE BEFORE OCTOBER 3 11AM (EDT) AT THE LATEST! Subscription closes one hour before the tournament takes place. Simply filling the form linked below with your information is enough to subscribe. Please note that by subscribing, you agree to have your name appearing in the participant list.

This year, the Montréal Riichi Open is free to enter.

Please follow this link to the form : Inscription pour le Tournoi de Riichi de Montréal / Montréal Riichi Open Registration

This is the link to the Tournament Discord Server.

If you would like to ask us questions directly, don’t hesitate to fill this contact form.

To contact the Montréal Riichi Club, please do so on Facebook, Meetup or Discord!