The Montréal Riichi Club is proud to announce the Online Fall Montréal Riichi Tournament! This tournament will take place on Saturday, October 2, 2021! You can join the tournament by registering on this form right here : Registration form.

Please join our Discord server to coordinate for the tournament and have all the latest information on the tournament! The Online Fall Montréal Riichi Tournament is free to enter.

The Montréal Riichi Open will be held on a later date.

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  1. The rules used in the Online Fall Montréal Riichi Tournament will be as close as possible to the WRC rules as permitted by Mahjong Soul tournament lobbies. See the #règles-rules channel on the Discord server for the complete list.
  2. The participants are expected to check in on Saturday on the tournament Discord server at the following time :
    12:00 (noon) Eastern Daylight Time;
    09:00 Pacific Time;
    18:00 Central European Time;
    03:00 Australia Eastern Daylight Time (it starts on October 3, on the day of the tournament!)
    The games are expected to start one hour later.
  3. The tournament structure will be a four-hanchan round robin, followed by a single hanchan final.
  4. The last game on Saturday October 2 is a final game. The scores for the finalists will be reset going into this final game.
  5. We expect good will and fair sportsmanship from all attendees, be they players or staff. Once a game is finished, we ask players to give their final scores in a timely fashion, and respect those that are still playing by joining the general voice chat lobby.

Etiquette rules

  • Respect the other players at every moment during the tournament
  • Swimsuit outfits (Beach Party series) are banned for this tournament. Use of one in a game will result in an automatic DQ. You can use the other outfits.
  • When streaming, use at least a 5 minute delay
  • Outside or tool-assisted help is forbidden. You are only allowed to use a yaku sheet and a points table.
  • When beginning a match, you commit to playing it through completion. Rage-quitting is not allowed and will result in a DQ.
  • You can use emotes, but do not delay the game unnecessarily.

Failure to respect the etiquette rules can lead to sanctions ranging from a warning to a DQ, to a ban from Montréal events.


No prizes will be awarded this year.


The rankings will be posted online to the riichiout tournament page when they will be available. We will also try to provide updates to the page after each hanchan.

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How do I get there?

Here is the link to the Tournoi de Riichi de Montréal Discord server. The tournament will be coordinated on that server. We will use it to synchronize all the activities and make our announcements.

I have a friend / family / other without subscription. Can they be a spectator?

All players will be allowed to stream their games, provided they have at least a 5 min delay. Stream sniping is forbidden and might result in a DQ.

No official stream is planned for the moment, but we will announce it if one is decided.

What to do in case of cheating?

If you have founded suspicions that a player is cheating, please DM a staff member immediately, even if it happens in the middle of a game. Official staff will resolve any conflict.

WARNING! If, for any reason or another, you make any false accusation regarding cheating, official staff owns the right of DQing you from the tournament. You will lose your ranking and cumulated points.

What do I do when a game is done?

After your game is done, you are encouraged to go see the other games on the official streams. If you’re not interested, no worries : just sit back and relax. A ready call will be issued a few minutes before the beginning of the next hanchan.

If my score drops below zero, do I stop playing?

No. Bankruptcy is not allowed under WRC rules and play goes on. A game ends only after the last oya in the south round loses.

Pourquoi le site est-il unilingue anglophone?

Malheureusement, on n’a pas encore trouvé comment intégrer des traductions dans WordPress. C’est du travail supplémentaire qui a toujours été repoussé de notre côté. Nous avons choisi de donner la priorité au texte anglophone, car nous avons plus de visiteurs unilingues anglophones sur le site que de visiteurs unilingues francophones. Ne vous inquiétez pas, les règles du tournoi seront données dans les deux langues (français/anglais) sur le serveur Discord et sur demande durant le tournoi.

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Participant List

The following people have registered for the Online Fall Montréal Riichi Tournament :

Name Country
Alan B Canada
Alexandre B Canada
Allie Hope Canada
Anne Rinfret Canada
Ao Y China
Aurelien R France
Benny F Canada
Brandon Rabe United States
Cédric B Canada
Charlie C United States
Christopher P United States
Claudel B Canada
Dustin F United States
Edwin Dizon United States
Élodie H Canada
Francesco B France
Gerald G United States
Jérémie G France
Jeremy L Canada
Joseph McGowan Canada
Julien B Canada
Karl R Sweden
Karolina T France
Kinyan L United States
Maati R France
Marc-Antoine Lapointe Canada
Mark B United Kingdom
Mason Almy United States
Mathis P Canada
Max Suddendorf United States
Melvin P United States
MV Gimmick United States
Nathanael K United States
Oliver K United States
Penghan W Canada
Pio Yoon United States
Sasha F France
Sébastien B Canada
Stéphane Commans France
Sylvie B Canada
Timo H The Netherlands
Tsubasa Yamaneko Canada
Tsuneko K Japan
Valentin C France
Xoble Australia
Yuanxi Lin China
Zebran K Canada

Your staff team for this tournament will be :
Anne Rinfret
Chase B

Loïc Roberge
Philippe O
Shan K

Refreshing the list is not automatic so it might take a while before your name appears.

Results for previous tournaments are available here :

NARO 1 (1st Montréal Riichi Open)
3rd Montréal Riichi Open
4th Montréal Riichi Open
5th Montréal Riichi Open
6th Montréal Riichi Open (Online Edition/Édition en ligne)

Results for the 2nd Montréal Riichi Open are not available.

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To subscribe to the tournament, or for any enquiries, comments, questions and precisions, please fill in the form below.

SUBSCRIPTION MUST BE MADE BEFORE OCTOBER 2 12:00PM (EDT) AT THE LATEST! Subscription closes at the start of the check-in. Simply filling the form linked below with your information is enough to subscribe. Please note that by subscribing, you agree to have your name appearing in the participant list.

The Online Fall Montréal Riichi Tournament is free to enter.

Please follow this link to the form : Inscriptions pour le tournoi de riichi de Montréal automnal en ligne ― Online Fall Montréal Riichi Tournament Registration

This is the link to the Tournament Discord Server.

If you would like to ask us questions directly, don’t hesitate to fill this contact form.

To contact the Montréal Riichi Club, please do so on Facebook, Meetup or Discord!