Participant List

The following people have registered for the Online Fall Montréal Riichi Tournament :

Name Country
Alan B Canada
Alexandre B Canada
Allie Hope Canada
Anne Rinfret Canada
Ao Y China
Aurelien R France
Benny F Canada
Brandon Rabe United States
Cédric B Canada
Charlie C United States
Christopher P United States
Claudel B Canada
Dustin F United States
Edwin Dizon United States
Élodie H Canada
Francesco B France
Gerald G United States
Jérémie G France
Jeremy L Canada
Joseph McGowan Canada
Julien B Canada
Karl R Sweden
Karolina T France
Kinyan L United States
Maati R France
Marc-Antoine Lapointe Canada
Mark B United Kingdom
Mason Almy United States
Mathis P Canada
Max Suddendorf United States
Melvin P United States
MV Gimmick United States
Nathanael K United States
Oliver K United States
Penghan W Canada
Pio Yoon United States
Sasha F France
Sébastien B Canada
Stéphane Commans France
Sylvie B Canada
Timo H The Netherlands
Tsubasa Yamaneko Canada
Tsuneko K Japan
Valentin C France
Xoble Australia
Yuanxi Lin China
Zebran K Canada

Your staff team for this tournament will be :
Anne Rinfret
Chase B

Loïc Roberge
Philippe O
Shan K

Refreshing the list is not automatic so it might take a while before your name appears.

Results for previous tournaments are available here :

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Results for the 2nd Montréal Riichi Open are not available.