Participant List

Note that the participant list is restricted to 40 participants this year. If you don’t make it into the first 40, you will join the waitlist.

The following people have registered for the 7th Montréal Riichi Open :

Name Country
Alexandre Boily Canada
Andres H United States
Anne Rinfret Canada
Carey Y Canada
Claire Pozniak United States
Claudel B Canada
Collin W Canada
Dennis Kwok Canada
Edwin Dizon United States
Eva Y Canada
Jason Li Canada
Jeff T United States
Jeremy L Canada
Kevin Ng United States
Marc-Laurent Frenette Canada
Max Suddendorf United States
Michael B China
Michael McLeod United States
Pio Yoon United States
Sébastien B Canada
Steven Augustin United States
Sylvie B Canada
Yutong Z Canada

Your staff team for this tournament will be :
Alexandre Boily
Anne Rinfret
Grant M
Loïc Roberge
Philippe O
Shan K

Refreshing the list is not automatic so it might take a while before your name appears.

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Results for the 2nd Montréal Riichi Open are not available.