Participant List

Note that the participant list is restricted to 48 participants this year. If you don’t make it into the first 48, you will join the waitlist.

Only 7 spots left!

The following people have registered for the 8th Montréal Riichi Open :

# Name Country Paid
1 Adrien A Canada No
2 Alex W United States Yes
3 Alexandre Boily Canada No
4 Alexis G Canada Yes
5 Alice C Canada Yes
6 Allen Zhang United States Yes
7 Amy Gu United States Yes
8 Anne Rinfret Canada Yes
9 Arya J United States Yes
10 Bichen Wang United States Yes
11 Cassandra McClure United States No
12 Chami Tanaka Canada Yes
13 Claudel Bilodeau Canada Yes
14 Edward K United States Yes
15 Estey G United States Yes
16 Jai Srivastav United States Yes
17 Jason L Canada Yes
18 Jeff T United States Yes
19 Jiasheng Zhang Canada No
20 Julien Bouchard Canada Yes
21 Kevin Ng United States Yes
22 Konstantin P Norway Yes
23 Leo Zhang Canada Yes
24 Lorenzo Desrosiers Canada No
25 Marc-Laurent Frenette Canada Yes
26 Max Suddendorf United States Yes
27 Melissa Feng United States Yes
28 Melvin P United States Yes
29 Michael H United States Yes
30 Michael McLeod Canada Yes
31 Miguel C Canada Yes
32 Nancy Gao United States Yes
33 Philippe O Canada Yes
34 Sean H United States Yes
35 Sebastien B Canada Yes
36 Steve Augustin United States Yes
37 Sylvie B Canada Yes
38 Ty Kennedy United States Yes
39 Victor S Canada Yes
40 William S United States Yes
41 Yufang H Canada Yes

Your staff team for this tournament will be :
Alexandre Boily
Anne Rinfret
Grant M
Loïc Roberge
Pak-Kei W
Philippe O
Philippe Paquin
Shan K

Refreshing the list is not automatic so it might take a while before your name appears.

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