FAQ (online)

How do I get there?

Here is the link to the Tournoi de Riichi de Montréal Discord server. The tournament will be coordinated on that server. We will use it to synchronize all the activities and make our announcements.

I have a friend / family / other without subscription. Can they be a spectator?

All players will be allowed to stream their games, provided they have at least a 5 min delay. Stream sniping is forbidden and might result in a DQ.

No official stream is planned for the moment, but we will announce it if one is decided.

What to do in case of cheating?

If you have founded suspicions that a player is cheating, please DM a staff member immediately, even if it happens in the middle of a game. Official staff will resolve any conflict.

WARNING! If, for any reason or another, you make any false accusation regarding cheating, official staff owns the right of DQing you from the tournament. You will lose your ranking and cumulated points.

What do I do when a game is done?

After your game is done, you are encouraged to go see the other games on the official streams. If you’re not interested, no worries : just sit back and relax. A ready call will be issued a few minutes before the beginning of the next hanchan.

If my score drops below zero, do I stop playing?

No. Bankruptcy is not allowed under WRC rules and play goes on. A game ends only after the last oya in the south round loses.

Pourquoi le site est-il unilingue anglophone?

Malheureusement, on n’a pas encore trouvé comment intégrer des traductions dans WordPress. C’est du travail supplémentaire qui a toujours été repoussé de notre côté. Nous avons choisi de donner la priorité au texte anglophone, car nous avons plus de visiteurs unilingues anglophones sur le site que de visiteurs unilingues francophones. Ne vous inquiétez pas, les règles du tournoi seront données dans les deux langues (français/anglais) sur le serveur Discord et sur demande durant le tournoi.