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To subscribe to the tournament, or for any enquiries, comments, questions and precisions, please fill in the form below.

SUBSCRIPTION MUST BE MADE BEFORE OCTOBER 3 11AM (EDT) AT THE LATEST! Subscription closes one hour before the tournament takes place. Simply filling the form linked below with your information is enough to subscribe. Please note that by subscribing, you agree to have your name appearing in the participant list.

This year, the Montréal Riichi Open is free to enter.

Please follow this link to the form : Inscription pour le Tournoi de Riichi de Montréal / Montréal Riichi Open Registration

This is the link to the Tournament Discord Server.

If you would like to ask us questions directly, don’t hesitate to fill this contact form.

To contact the Montréal Riichi Club, please do so on Facebook, Meetup or Discord!